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The Speckled Band



80mm metal figure

with bed & base in wood,

created by Thierry Saint-Joanis & Anne Riteau.

Sidney Paget's drawing

This diorama is inspired by Paget's illustration for the Adventure of the Speckled band.

The figurine is 80mm high and made in lead.

The base and the bed are in wood.

I created it 15 years ago

and I'm now working to duplicate it.

The "clones" will be soon available. 

The Study
in pattern

Second, I needed a drawing as a guide for sculpture. 

Often I am asked, "Where did you buy this figurine?"

I did not buy it, I've made!


Like this!

Jeremy Brett
on screen

First, I had to choose the sketch from the stories and some views by artists or filmmaker. 

One by Jeremy Brett.

He used a candle instead of a match.

The Creation
from mold
and lead

First, I must sculpt the model. Then, create a resin mold. And then melt some lead which is cast into the mold. It took hours with sculpture and some luck... I do not succeed the first time! I must make several attempts before getting a good result. This is a question of temperature.

and props

Manufacturing the bed,

the band and the snake.

The bed is made of balsa.

It is stained in walnut

and polished to give a patina.


The making of the base,

step by step.

The first set:
SPEC n°1
June 2015

“It was a homely little room... 

A narrow white-counterpaned bed...”

“A thick bell-rope 

which hung down beside 

the bed, the tassel actually lying upon the pillow.”

The instant that we heard it, Holmes sprang from the bed, struck a match, and lashed furiously with his cane at the bell-pull.

‘You see it, Watson?

You see it?’

“Did you observe anything very peculiar about that bed?

It was clamped to the floor.”

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